Friday, 9 December 2011


     Hello and good day, my name is She Me Syadzlita.I come from a land called the Malay Kingdom. Here is my session of ice breaking. My name is not ice breaking, because it's not appropriate. I just completed my study in Technic School of Rock doing Mechanical Engineering. I like to play guitars sometimes, I love playing a song by metallica with my brothers, mother and father, and grandmother at the graveyard, therefore the dead people can dance inside the grave. hahahahahaha

     For my last school projects, my professor asked me to create a machine intended to level the cement. It is quite fucker actually, but for the sake of my academical purposes and for the sake of god, I had tried my best to implemented this machine requested by my professor. At that time, I was wondering how I can make such a machine that can level the cement. Anyway, I am the leader of my lazy group members consists of 4 members. There are all an ass hole because they not giving a full cooperation of the projects/assignment. There are only 1 members out of 4 given his best for the projects name Lobai Ali. I called him Lobai because he prayed like the archangels. He helped me a lot in this projects. We both worked night and day to ensure the work completed on time.

    After a long month, the machine had completed. My college lecturers will evaluated the result of our machine. Our group members need to present it in front of a million audience including Lecturers, Professors, and Ministry. The moment I started to present, the crowds applaud very loud until some of my group members ears had burst and bleed. After presenting almost 2 hours, the Lecturers had given a very good grade to us but they reject our project because the machine not working properly. The idea of creating the machine come from my uncle called Din and my professors asked me to create it. THE END

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